Thee Olde Chapel Wedding, Riverside

Our bride got ready at her family home where we captured her and her bridesmaids having a blast getting ready for her big day. We loved capturing these girls in their matching outfits! After photographing these lovely ladies we headed over to photograph some awesome moments with the guys. This groom and his groomsmen were nothing but jokes and laughs. Good friends are hard to come by but it’s clear this bride and groom found them. :) After photographing some fun moments of this groom with his guys, it was time to head the to the chapel.

If you're in search of an old world enchanting chapel, check out Thee Olde Chapel in Riverside, California. This chapel gives off such a romantic warm feel that’s absolutely perfect for a wedding. While it’s just moments before the wedding it’s time for this gorgeous bride to put on her wedding dress. While her mom and maid of honor helped zip her up, all the bridesmaids had tears in their eyes. To say this bride was stunning in her dress would be an understatement. She was beautiful and glowing in her long fitted wedding gown. With the bride all dressed and ready it’s time for this couple to say "I do." The wedding was perfect and filled with laughs, tears, and special moments to treasure forever. After the wedding we photographed the family, bridal party together, and of course captured some romantic photos of just the bride and groom.

The wedding reception was held in the backyard of the bride’s family home. This backyard was gorgeous and the perfect size for this intimate wedding reception. One of the best parts about having a backyard wedding reception is that you can do whatever you want to your own backyard. You can have actual candles lit, you can bring your own cake and serve whatever food you would like, etc. We love backyard weddings and the special intimate feel that they bring to a wedding day. This wedding reception was filled with awesome dance moves, laughs, and really tasty food. This was one perfect night filled with the couple doing a grand exit through a tunnel of all their closest friends and family and driving off into the night in a limo. 

We are so happy for these two newlyweds and know that they will have a lifetime of happiness together and hopefully lots have adorable babies!! Congratulations to the bride and groom and thank you for choosing us us to be your Orange County Wedding Photographers.

Wedding Venue - Thee Olde Chapel  

Videographer - Cam Beverly Productions 

Dj - DJ Josiah

Our Family Holiday Photos

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! 

My husband and I, like most couples, have been busy this holiday season. So we decided that we would take our own holiday photos this year. Taking family photos can be stressful for anyone, but photographing your own family photos and then adding in our little naked cat made for some funny blooper images. Luckily we were able to get at least one photo of our little family that was Christmas card worthy. :) 

Does anyone else feel that the holidays arrive faster and faster each year? This past year was a crazy year for our family. We planned our wedding, got married, and went on our honeymoon (all while working of course). This will be our very first Christmas as husband and wife. So far the largest change has been giving both of our families equal amount of time with us. Our Christmas Eve and Christmas will be spent with my husband's side and my side. Yes, it does involve traveling a bit more, but isn't the entire point of the holidays to spend it with family? We are very thankful that both of our families are willing to work around each others schedules. Maybe someday my husband and I will be able to combine our families and host the holidays in our home. But until that day working together with everyone on time schedules will have to due.